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How we Work

  • Why choose City Tailors?

    We understand what well fitting, well made, beautifully crafted clothes mean to our customers. It’s not just about having clothes that fit well it’s about the confidence you get from wearing clothes that fit perfectly and that make you look great.

    City Tailors are Bath, Bristol and the South West's leading alterations and tailoring company. We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Our passion for what we do and our reputation are important to us and we offer an assurance that our customers will be delighted with what they get when using both our alterations and tailoring services.

    We get many clients come to us having had disastrous results from dry cleaners, unqualified tailors and dressmakers that have botched work, overcharged, or damaged garments beyond repair. We are highly experienced tailors who excel at what we do, and understand that you want your garments to fit you correctly. To ensure this, every item is inspected personally by our master tailor on completion to guarantee the perfect finish. Here are a few examples of why our customers choose us:

    • Attention to detail
    • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Reputation and experience
    • Excellent customer service
    • Variety of our services
    • Reasonable prices

    We offer two main services to our clients across Bath, Bristol and the South West. These are a GARMENT ALTERATIONS SERVICE and a BESPOKE TAILORING SERVICE.


    If your favourite clothes don't fit, need restyling or need repairing, we can help! At the City Tailors we can perform any of alteration or repair to all types of garment or fabric. Below are just some examples of the work we are able to do: 

    Dress alterations Suit alterations
    Dress re-styling Suit re-styling
    Bridal Alterations Suit re-sizing
    Coat alterations Trouser alterations
    Jacket/coat re-styling Shirt alterations
    Jacket alterations Jeans alterations
    Blouse alterations Jacket alterations
    Trouser alterations Coat alterations
    Jeans alterations  Coat/jacket relining
    Coat/jacket relining Leather jacket and suede alterations
    Leather/suede alterations and repairs General Repairs
    Zip replacement Zip replacement


    Whatever your shape or size, our expert tailors and dressmakers will make a garment especially for you with our bespoke/hand tailoring service. Having bespoke made clothes will ensure the fit is perfect for your shape and size, and the result will be a unique garment made to fit your shape, style and personality.

    Our studio


    Based in 25 Milsom Street, Bath BA1 1DG, our studio is situated within Bath's city centre in the main shopping area.


    On street paid Parking bays are available for customers to park. If you would like to visit by car, there are nearby car parks on Broad street, Waitrose car park or Charlotte Street car park

    Pushchairs & Prams

    We are located on the first floor, however we can accommodate pushchairs and prams as we have a large entrance and prams can be parked in our entrance.

    How do I book an appointment or visit you?

    There is no need to make an appointment if you want to have a fitting at our retail premises. However, if the alteration you require is extensive or a bridal alteration, we recommend that you contact us for an appointment so we can ensure you have our dedicated attention.

    To book an appointment at our studio, please call us on 01225 920263, or complete the Contact Form by clicking on the link below, or send an email to

    Opening Hours

    Monday 9am until 6pm
    Tuesday 9am until 6pm
    Wednesday 9am until 6pm
    Thursday 9am until 6pm
    Friday 9am until 6pm
    Saturday 9am until 6pm
    Sunday  Closed

    How long will it take?

    At the time of the appointment we will advise you, based on the amount of work, how long your garment will take to alter. If you have an occasion or a date that you need to have your work done by we are happy to accommodate as we have a large team of tailors, dressmakers and seamstresses to take on any amount of work.

    What happens if I need the garment urgently?

    In urgent cases a garment can be altered and returned to you the same day. Just let us know your requirements when you contact us.


    All fittings are undertaken by our Master Tailor or one of our highly experienced dressmakers. They will work closely with the tailor or dress maker who will perform alterations to your garment. We carry out all alterations and bespoke tailoring work in our studio. We do not subcontract or pass the work onto another company. If we are performing extensive alterations, it is important that you understand that more than one fitting may be required in order to achieve the perfect fit.


    With City Tailors there are no hidden charges. We will not charge you for a fitting in our studio or for advice. Our only additional charges are incurred when we visit you for fitting, or if you require our express service.

    Click for alterations price list

    Some garments will need to be seen by us in person in order to provide a quote for the cost of work to be undertaken.

    Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    Nothing leaves us without the customer being 100% satisfied. We have extremely high standards and ensure that all work is carried out to perfection. We strongly advise all of our customers to try on garments before they collect them so we can ensure the fit is correct. We understand that sometimes it might not be possible for you try your garment before you collect. If, once you have collected your garments, you find that the garments do not fit you as expected, we are happy to make your garment fit you by correcting anything that needs it. You won’t be charged again for doing the same work, however you may be charged if the garment needs additional work to achieve the perfect fit.


    We do not charge for any cancellations for work that is booked in but not started yet, however you may still be charged if work has already been started or completed.

Alterations Price List