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  • Wedding Dress Alterations

    Wedding Dress Alterations

    Wedding dresses can vary from being very simple and elegant to having lots of intricate beading and detail. At City Tailors of Bath we have the expertise to not only alter your wedding dress to perfection but also to re-style it to your requirements or perhaps even in ways you never thought possible. With a wedding dress re-style we can change the neckline, add sleeves, re-shape the train and add lace or embellishment. When you walk down that aisle in your wedding dress we want you to feel the most confident you have ever felt in your life! You will look incredible from every angle and everyone will be dazzled by your beautiful dress.

    It doesn’t matter where you have purchased your wedding gown from. It could be a department store, a bridal boutique or you may have gone for a vintage option that needs a re-style, re-size or re-model. Whatever you need, at City Tailors we can help.

  • Christening Gown

    Christening Gown

    Once you have worn your wedding gown and it has been cleaned and put back in the box it tends to become forgotten about and just kept for sentimental value. What a shame to have the dress of your dreams hidden away in a box! Having a christening gown created from parts of your wedding dress is a great way to create a unique outfit for another special family day. You don’t have to use parts of the dress itself. We can create the perfect christening gown using material from the train. If you want to turn your dress into another garment you could have it made into a tea-length dress to wear at the christening ceremony and match your baby. There are many options available to you from having a replica of your wedding dress made for your baby to letting us come up with a bespoke design or realising your vision for the perfect christening gown. Whatever your requirements let our tailors and dressmakers work with you to create a unique and special outfit for you and your baby.

  • Creating a versatile wardrobe piece

    Creating a versatile wardrobe piece

    For many women their wedding day is the only time they will wear the most beautiful dress they will ever own. It is then destined to spend the rest of its time hidden away in a box under the bed. The end of your wedding day doesn’t have to be the end of your wedding dress. At City Tailors our experienced and talented tailors and dressmakers will use their talents to turn your wedding dress into something new, better, modern and exciting. We can turn you beautiful wedding dress into a stunning cocktail dress or evening gown, an elegant blouse or even a gorgeous and unique skirt. Your new garment will remind you of the memories from your wedding day plus give you another dazzling outfit. Our talented dressmakers will work with you to create a unique piece that will always have a special and personal meaning.

  • Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

    Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

    When choosing dresses for bridesmaids you have a number of options. Many brides will opt for off the peg dresses whilst some will have them made to measure. The trouble with both of these options is that if you have more than one bridesmaid it will be very difficult to get them all to fit as you need. One might be too loose, one might be too short and another could be the wrong shape completely. At City Tailors we can take your selection of bridesmaid dresses and make sure that every one of them fits to perfection.

    You might choose dresses that are the right colour but the wrong style. Not a problem. Our experienced seamstresses and dressmakers will work with you to re-create the dresses turning them into the perfect garments. If the dresses have lots of embellishments like sequins or beads that is not a problem. We can make any types of alterations from simple hem adjustment to major modifications. We have worked with beautiful and exotic lace, luxury fabrics and lots of beading detail. We will work with you and your bridesmaids to ensure that the dresses are perfect for your special day.