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  • Ladies Alterations and Repairs

    Ladies Alterations and Repairs

    The way we look makes a difference to the way we feel. The way our clothes fit can be the difference between us feeling OK and feeling great. We understand the importance of this and for years have been making our clients across Bath, Bristol and the South West feel great in what they wear.

    It takes extensive experience and skill to understand the various fabrics, intricacies and techniques involved with dressmaking and garment alterations. We understand the differences between working with silks to working with fur for example and can use our knowledge and experience to ensure that we provide a service that is unrivalled. We pay close attention to ensure that the end result is a dress that compliments your figure, without any hint of alteration. Our passion for what we do and our attention to detail is what makes us unique.

  • Dress Alterations

    Dress Alterations

    For most women the experience is familiar. You have tried on the perfect dress only to discover that it doesn’t fit quite right. It could be a ball gown with sequins and beading or it could be a simple A-Line dress that needs a hem shortening. Our highly trained dressmakers and seamstresses are equipped to alter your dress turning it into something that was made for you!

  • Skirt Alterations

    Skirt Alterations

    You may have a favourite skirt that doesn’t fit quite the way it used to or you may have bought a new skirt that is too long. At City Tailors of Bath we can increase or reduce the size of the skirt by adjusting the side seams or the back seams. Not only can we take material away but we can also add it. Our qualified dressmakers will firstly carry out measurements and then alter the skirt to ensure that it fits perfectly from the hips down to the hem. Our attention to detail means that you will never be able to tell that an alteration has taken place.

  • Jacket/ Coat Alterations

    Jacket/ Coat Alterations

    When you have the perfect jacket or coat that doesn’t fit as well as you would like or you find the dream coat that needs some alterations to make it the perfect fit then City Tailors will provide you with the perfect fitting garment that you would never know had been altered.

    We can shorten the length of the overall jacket or coat or sleeves whilst maintaining the original stitch pattern, thread colour and perfectly matched details. When it comes to shortening the sleeves we can offer 2 options - from the crown (shoulder) or from the sleeve end. If the sleeves have sham holes (buttonholes not cut) we would replace the shams (buttonholes) using the best match to the original thread colour and finish the cuffs to match the original. If your jacket or coat has functioning cuff buttonholes we would recommend shortening from the crown as the most effective way of achieving a flawless result.

    Working from the shoulder means that the cuff detail or ‘real buttonholes’ are not disturbed and consequently the design and proportions of the original jacket or coat are retained. We can narrow or ‘chip’ the shoulders of a jacket or coat for a neater fit, add pads to define the silhouette or even out a dropped shoulder. We can also alter the collar or lapels to achieve a better fit around the neck and chest if gaping. A ripple of excess fabric across the back neck area or ‘square back neck’ can be removed by simply opening the back neck and shoulder seam, lifting the excess fabric and re-stitching as original for a more complimentary fit on the body. If the lining on your jacket or coat is worn out we can replace your existing lining with either a similar colour or replace with a colour of your choice, adding more pockets or detail at your request. Zip and button replacements are of course basic alterations that we are happy to perform.

  • Trousers alterations

    Trousers alterations

    For women our trousers can sometimes be the most telling to us when we have lost or gained weight or even changed shape with age or children. They may be too tight or too loose, they may be too long or they may just need tapering at the leg. Our Bath based tailors will firstly measure you correctly to determine the perfect shape and measurement for you before carrying out the work to the highest standard with stitching and thread matched to the original.

  • Jeans Alterations

    Jeans Alterations

    Jeans – once you find a pair you love they can become your favourite trusted item of clothing. When you find a pair that are perfect except in length then we can help by shortening them. When shortening jeans, we have two options - we can sew the hem by double folding and stitching it using the same colour thread as the original, or we are able to retain a pre-worn finish by cutting away the original hem and reinstating it at the required length. If you need the waist taken in or the jeans tapering we will pay close attention to the original stitching and thread colour to ensure a perfect match. We can also replace lost jean buttons.

  • Blouse or Shirt Alterations

    Blouse or Shirt Alterations

    If you aren’t happy with the fit of a blouse or shirt there are many possibilities to improve it. For a blouse that is too loose the side seams can be adjusted to improve the fit. For sleeves that are too long or loose they can be either shortened or narrowed. Other alterations include altering the hips or chest and narrowing at the waist.

  • Leather Alterations and Repairs

    Leather Alterations and Repairs

    Do you have a leather jacket that does not fit quite as you would like? Perhaps it is ripped and needs repairing to restore it to its former glory? Leather repairs and alterations should always be undertaken by professionals and at City Tailors we have the perfect team providing leather repairs and alterations to many clients across Bath, Bristol and the South West. A tear or rip does not need to mean the end for a leather jacket or coat. Our skilled seamstresses have the ability to replace panels and use specialised techniques to restore your leather jacket or coat to the best possible condition.

  • Fur Alterations and Repairs

    Fur Alterations and Repairs

    Do you have an old fur coat or jacket hanging in your wardrobe that needs updating or modernising? Our skilled furrier can give a new life fur coat or jacket by restyling it to give it a more contemporary look. We can change the look of your fur garment by re-shaping the sleeves or collar, or we can transform it into a new garment like a fur gilet or perhaps a scarf.

    With our skills, experience and creativity there are more options for restyling a fur garment than you can imagine. Performing alterations and repairs of this kind requires the expertise of a skilled furrier with the proper tools and training. Alteration and repairs to fur garments must be carried out using specialised equipment including special needles and thread designed for the unique properties of fur. Even a simple re-designing job can be complicated and so we recommend that you only trust experienced furrier with altering your fur garments.