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  • Suit Alterations

    Suit Alterations

    Do you have an ill-fitting suit? Are the trousers too long, the sleeves too short or the shoulders too narrow? At City Tailors our experienced and highly skilled tailors will provide the perfect suit alterations. As well as altering suits that don't fit you, we can re-style them to make them more up to date. If you have a suit that hangs off you rather than compliments you, then let our master tailors re-cut it. The quality of the work we provide is unlike any other.
    We pay close attention to ensure that the end result is a suit that has been made to measure for you. We ensure that every detail from the original suit is retained from the stitch patterns used to the colour of the thread. The result is a perfectly fitting suit without any hint that the suit has been altered. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes us unique.

    Our gents’ suit alteration service included the following -

    • Take in or let out sides
    • Narrow shoulders
    • Taper sleeves
    • Shorten/lengthen sleeves
    • Shorten/lengthen jacket/coat
    • Adjust lapel size and shape
    • Adjust collar size and shape
    • Convert double breasted jacket/coat into single breasted jacket/coat
    • Taper trousers (make them more narrow)
    • Take in or let out the trouser waist
    • Remove pleats from trouser front
    • Shorten trouser rise
    • Shorten or lengthen the trouser
    • Repair seat/crotch
    • Repair pockets
    • Reline jacket

  • Jacket and Coat Alterations

    Jacket and Coat Alterations

    From shortened sleeves to relined jackets our master tailor has the knowledge and experience to alter your coat or jacket to achieve the perfect fit. Any repairs undertaken are done to the highest quality ensuring that the stitching matches the original stitching and that the thread matches perfectly with the original. Such is our attention to detail that you would never be able to spot an alteration.
    Other alterations include narrowing the shoulders of a jacket or coat for a neater fit, adding pads to define the silhouette or evening out a dropped shoulder. A ripple of excess fabric across the back neck area or ‘square back neck’ can be removed by opening the back neck and shoulder seam, lifting the excess fabric and re-stitching as original for a more complimentary fit on the body. If the lining on your jacket or coat is worn out we can replace your existing lining with either a similar colour or replace with a colour of your choice, adding more pockets or detail at your request. Zip and button replacements are of course basic alterations that we are happy to perform.

    • Take in or let out the sides
    • Narrow shoulders
    • Shorten/lengthen sleeves
    • Shorten/lengthen the jacket
    • Adjust lapel shape if gaping
    • Narrow lapels/collar
    • Add shoulder pads
    • Convert double breasted jacket/coat into single breasted jacket/coat
    • Reline jacket/coat
    • Replace zips
    • Replace buttons

  • Trouser Alterations

    Trouser Alterations

    There are many alterations that can be made to a pair of trousers to make sure they are the perfect fit. Our tailors have extensive experience and knowledge and offer the following alterations to the very highest standards.

    • Lower waist band/ shorten rise
    • Take in or let out waist, seat and dork
    • Shorten lengthen with a plain hem or turn up
    • Add tape to the hems
    • Take in / let out seams
    • Install a front lining
    • Fully line trousers
    • Replace the zip
    • Add brace buttons and belt loops
    • Add side adjusters

  • Shirt Alterations

    Shirt Alterations

    If you have a shirt that doesn’t fit very well or you are buying a shirt that doesn’t quite fit right there are a number of things that can be done. Just one example is shortening the sleeves which is achieved by removing the cuff, cutting down the sleeve and then re-attaching the cuff. Our experienced tailors can perform any of the following to achieve the perfect fit.

    • Add rear seams for a fitted 'V' shape
    • Tapering/narrowing sides and sleeves
    • Narrow shoulders
    • Shorten lengthen sleeves and length of shirt

  • Jeans Alterations

    Jeans Alterations

    When shortening jeans, we have two options: we can sew the hem by double folding and stitching using the same colour thread as the original or we will retain a pre-worn finish (if required) by cutting away the original hem and reinstating it at the required length. When tapering (narrowing) jeans, we pay close attention that the original stitching and thread colour is matched perfectly. We can also replace lost jean buttons and carry out any of the following repairs or alterations -

    • Lower waist band
    • Take in or let out waist, seat and fork
    • Shorten
    • Shorten with original hem
    • Take in or taper legs
    • Narrow bottom of legs or hem
    • Repair/replace pocket bags
    • Replace the zip/buttons

  • Leather Alterations and Repairs

    Leather Alterations and Repairs

    If your leather jacket is ill fitting or damaged we can help. At City Tailors, Bath we can alter or repair it here in our studio. It is important that leather alterations are always undertaken by professionals. Alerations that are not performed correctly can ruin your garment and are nearly always irreversible.  A tear or rip does not need to mean the end for a leather jacket or coat. Our skilled tailors have the ability to restore your jacket to its former glory.

    • Take in or let out the sides
    • Narrow shoulders
    • Shorten/lengthen sleeves
    • Shorten/lengthen the jacket
    • Adjust lapel shape
    • Reline jacket/coat
    • Replace zips and buttons