need a garment re-sizingRe- Style / Re -Size

Do you have an outfit that you have had a long time but that just doesn’t fit right? Have you bought a new suit, dress, coat or other item of clothing that is either too big or small or that doesn’t fit right in certain places?

At City Tailors in Bath we cater for both ladies and gents that need a garment re-sizing or re-styling. We can reduce the size of your garment or make it bigger, we can convert a double breasted jacket into a single breasted one, remove pleats from trousers and much more. You may have an item of clothing that needs a re-style to make it more contemporary or you may want to re-model something for an occasion.

Examples of Recent Overcoat Re-Styling and Re-Sizing

Mrs West had her double breasted overcoat made for her some years ago, when long coats with big shoulders and loose cut were in fashion.Mrs West hasn't been wearing her overcoat for some time because it didn't her any more due to weight loss, and she also wanted to re-style the coat into a modern fitted, single breasted plain coat. Mrs West brought us a photo of a coat she cut out of a magazine, to turn her overcoat into a coat similar to the one seen in the picture. Coat is pinned and marked where it will be cut, re-styled and re-shaped.

Collar and lapels are narrowed, the front cut narrower to make it a single breasted front, the sleeves shortened, tapered and cuffs removed to finish plain sleeves. The coat length is shortened to finish above the knee and the back and sides are tapered to reduce the size of the coat.

The result is amazing! She has now a good quality, perfectly fitting coat that she saw on a magazine page. The finished result is this modern cut, tailored fit coat.

Sue is a retired professional who had this double-breasted, patch pocketed, full-length cashmere overcoat that no longer fitted due to weight loss. We have been working with Sue to re-size and re-style her wardrobe for a while. With this particular coat Sue wanted to modernise and re-design it.

After a fitting session with Sue, we decided to narrow the lapels, narrow and shorten the collar for better fit around the neck, shorten and taper the sleeves, cut the front narrower to make it a single-breasted coat. We also altered the back and sides to re-size it, shortened the length of the coat, removed the patch pockets and made welt pockets for a more elegant look. We then replaced the buttons with smart looking dark polished buttons.

The end result was a perfect fit, and modern design! This single breasted coat with a narrower lapel and collar fits perfectly around the neck and bust and the tailored cut compliments the body. The shorter length makes it more practical to wear with the slanted welt side pockets giving it an elegant look. New smart buttons were added for the perfect finishing touch.